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At Travis Voice and Data, an Oklahoma City based company, we know that our people make the difference to our customers. As a result you will find us constantly seeking new ways to help our employees serve you better. Our foundation for improvement lies with our commitment to being industry experts. As a result we are also committed to continuous improvement through staff training. As technology changes, Travis will change. As innovative products become available to you and your business our staff will be kept abreast of those products and their features and benefits. Travis prides itself in maintaining an ethical workplace where values and integrity are the foundation for all we do as people and as a business. These values and work ethic make the difference between choosing a vendor and choosing a partner.


It is no longer enough to simply maintain the status quo, or stay abreast of technology:
Maintaining a competitive advantage, providing ever-higher levels of quality and service, growing your market presence and developing sound business processes all demand cooperative efforts to attain top results. No single person and few enterprises can master all of these skills alone. That is why we are committed to serving as a trusted partner with our clients. The staff and management of Travis extend an invitation to you and your Company to combine our resources in order to mutually benefit from our combined expertise. Travis' true measure of profit begins and ends with our Customer's growth and satisfaction.