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Business phone systems, PBX, VOIP, conference bridge systems, call center recorders, video surveillance recorders and more from Travis Voice and Data

As a leader in business automation since 1988, Travis Voice and Data, based in Oklahoma, delivers business office phone systems to the telecom market with traditional PBX and VOIP Mitel and Inter-Tel solutions. Our expert engineers deliver unmatched office installations. The average tenure of Travis Voice & Data’s engineers is 15 years. With thousands of PBX and VOIP customers in the Oklahoma market, Travis has earned the status as a leader in delivering cost saving telecom phone solutions to your office. As an exclusive business partner with Mitel, our customers have appreciated the value of long term commitment to Oklahoma City and Tulsa. Most of our customers have invested in multiple generations of telecom business phone systems and other related products such as call loggers, conference bridges, CCTV and court recording equipment.

The Clear2there family of video surveillance and conference bridge servers has been purchased by many of our business phone system customers. Our customers understand the benefit of a single telecom system source provider for multiple business and office applications. Travis Voice and Data’s main objective when working with a customer is to understand all telecom aspects and needs of the client. Our goal is to ensure the bottom line financial and productivity goals of the office are met.

Call accounting and call center recording systems have been implemented across Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas by Travis Voice & Data. Whether it is call logging for a public safety office, or digital phone recorders for monitoring and scoring office agents, we have the right system for VOIP and PBX phone systems. Our 24 X 7 service staff is factory trained for the complete line of call logging recorders. Our team understands the importance of up time in these mission critical applications.

The Voice of Experience

Telecom Business Phone System Oklahoma City
State, city and county government customers have implemented video surveillance, telecom phone systems, call recorders, conference bridges and digital court room recorders. Audio court recording equipment coupled with video recorders offer a total digital solution that brings the highest level of court recording and security to your office.

Sales and Service offices in Oklahoma City & Tulsa Oklahoma and an Exclusive Business Partner of Mitel. Let our office show you why we are known as “The Voice of Experience” and show you the solution that suits you best.

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